Mechatronical Radar Systems

Radar Systems

Radar Systems

PM-AEROTEC is a well known supplier regarding the manufacturing of advanced complex mechatronical integrated radar structures for military, marine and security applications. PM-AEROTEC services are related to sub-assemblies and integrated assembly levels. Combining the machined and composite details and sub-assemblies PM-AEROTEC has demonstrated expertise in providing radar system structures. These, and other, programmes use machined aluminium and titanium parts and sub-assemblies as well as composite parts and assemblies produced, using precision automated processing such as 5-axis machining and kitting. Trim and drill operations are completed using automated work cells, reducing flow time and meeting tight tolerances. Advanced assembly techniques, using determinant assembly, are used to install clips, brackets and subsystems and reduce part count and bond joints therefore meeting customer producibility, weight and cost goals.


  • All manufacturing process capabilities in-house
  • Mechatronical integrated system
  • In-house coating facility to minimize logistics and related handling costs
  • High-rate manufacturing capability
  • Turn-key customer solution
  • Material selection for optimal performance

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