PM-AEROTEC-competencesPM-AEROTEC is a high-tech supplier which is focusing on added value solutions for various market sectors, such as the aerospace, military, maritime and space sector.

PM-AEROTEC is a sister subsidiary of the the PM-GROUP which continuously strives to be a world class organization active in the design, development and manufacturing of various services and solutions. Therefore PM-AEROTEC is able to offer its customers with high-precision bearings, nano-positioning stages, mechatronical systems, precision sheet metal structures, a wide range of machining capabilities, advanced coatings, advanced modules and related components.

PM-AEROTEC therefore works through the entire lifecycle of its products and services – from design through to maintenance, repair and on site operations services. PM-AEROTEC is headquartered in the Netherlands, and operates across all major continents over the world.

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