Space Science and Astronomy

Space Science and Astronomy

Ever since it’s foundation PM-AEROTEC has participated successfully in Space Science and Astronomy projects by being a proud member of the PM-GROUP. Successes were achieved with the contribution towards space programmes like Ariane 5, VEGA and the Galileo space program. Multiple high-tech modules, highly complex sheet metal modules and components were developed, designed and manufactured within the PM-GROUP. By being a member of the PM-GROUP, PM-AEROTEC had the responsibility to successfully assemble and integrate the various components and sub-modules within each other. The PM-GROUP still continues to participate in various significant scientific missions, not only with the delivery of supporting subsystems but also with the realisation of scientific high-tech instruments.

PM-AEROTEC primary focuses on high precision machined components, sheet metal integrated assemblies and complex constructions combined with surface finishing in accordance with the highest aviation quality approvals and industrial standards such as ISO and AS certification . A typical PM-AEROTEC solutions offered range in this market segment is:

  • Aero structures (Aluminium, Steel)
  • Ultra complex machined components
  • Military Armour Body Kits
  • High-Precision frames
  • Coated Complex Maritime, Aerospace and Military modules
  • Mechatronical integrated modules

With its global scope and presence in the USA, Europe and Asia, the PM-GROUP is able to transfer production capacity and capabilities to low cost regions in a unique concept of standardized and frozen working methods and procedures and together with its partners. In addition the PM-GROUP is focused on new and innovative Technologies in a highly motivated and skilled Team. Our primary goal is to perform “best in class” and to “serve customers objectives”.

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